Why us

Why we are different

One-to-one classes

Our male and female teachers are from professional, experienced and noble background. Our focus is to deliver quality education and we provide one to one live session during class.

Teaching since 2007

We capable with our unique methodology that’s why we have graduated hundreds of student from all races and continents.

2 Free courses

We also teach basic quranic courses without additional charges which includes Namaz Tareeqa, Duain, Kalimas etc

Free Qirat learning

We do not charge separately Qirat Course, as it is included in the Quran reading program and mandatory.

Learn on your own time

There is no age limit and class timing is scheduled as per student convenience.

Free 3 Days trial classes

We provide the opportunity to avail 3 days trial to every student who wishes to enroll in our programs.

20 courses in English and Urdu

There are more than 20 coursed in English as well as in Urdu. Customized programs are also offered as per student need and desire.

Our Courses are design as easy learn

Our courses are designed by renowned Islamic scholars with recommendation of our board of governors.

Free coaching sessions during classes

We also provide free of cost counseling and coaching to students on need basis which is also helpful to address student personal grooming.

Parents coaching Sessions

We have trained and experienced staff for the parents coaching who is non-Arabic Muslims. One stop solution, parents and kids both can enjoy quranic education with ease and cost effective.