Muslimkidseducation.com is the leading organization in the world that introduced Tarbiyah Programs Online. It is Pakistan based organization which aim is to provide quranic education among muslim community around the world. We are committed to provide quranic education without violence and extreme thoughts.

Anyone who has internet and computing device can learn quranic education from us. There is no age limit, gender equity, color and race. We have variety of Tarbiyah programs listed above and customized programs can also be included.

There are not any charges while you register with us. You have to fill only a registration form online which you may find at contact us page. Once we receive registration form within 24 hours one of our administration staff members will contact you and guide you to take your first class. Technical support team will also provide you guidelines, while you are ready to take class. Our technical team will assist you in installation of software’s and necessary arrangement to start class online. We will not ask you for any financial information when you take trial classes.

  • Our Teachers teach under supervision to maintain Quality of Quran Education We have devoted 4 weeks training sessions before enroll a teacher. We ensure We never letting teachers until we check in few steps
  • Teachers back ground throughly,
  • Revision Tajweed and Qirat skills
  • Teaching techniques briefly
  • Teachers’ skills revision especially in English.
  • We also teach our teachers how to communicate with people in western world.

Schedule will be flexible according to your availability. We ensure your convenient time prior. It also varies and reflect you enrolling programmed. Each class will be held on 30 mints. Every week will have minimum two classes to 5 classes on selective days.

Online teaching will have small hadya according to your schedule. You will pay online in your country. No need to go outside for hadya.

We discourage any armed grouping or extreme thoughts; our message is peace, and provides education to youth to become a peaceful civic member.